A piece of femto-galaxy

“A piece of femto-galaxy” by Min-Cheol Lee (Center for Correlated Electron Systems, IBS)

1st prize awarded in “2018 IBS Art in Science”

Description: ​A single crystalline Ca2RuO4, destroyed by an ultrafast laser beam, is modeled as a workpiece. The broken crystal shows a clear line along the path of the femtosecond laser pulse incident on the sample. Unlike conventional techniques, ultrafast spectroscopy can instantaneously introduce a large amount of energy by using femtosecond light. Particularly in the case of Ca2RuO4 with a strong correlation between electronic/lattice structures, huge structural changes can arise, such that the sample is destroyed not by physical contact but merely by the absorption of ultrafast light. The millimeter-sized black sample with red glue reminds me of a vast galaxy in the night sky.

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